Business Model Package - 6 hours of interactive consultation

Description: A special offer: 6 hour package which is focused on either (re)assessing your current business model or actually developing a new one. Using  Business Model Canvas and Lean Business Model methodologies to start exploring and structuring the various building blocks of a successful business model.  By means of a hands-on approach and exploring by means of various questions and techniques we would define or redefine the four main areas of a business: customers, offer, infrastructure and financial viability. Each area has one or more building blocks which will be included. Think of exploring the following: customer segments and their main “problems”, unique value proposition, channels to use, potential key partners, main activities, cost structure, revenue streams. Usually the 6 hours are divided as follows: • 1 hour of understanding the current challenges, explanation of the methodology, some guidelines to get started • 2 hourhands-on session where we will explore the 4 areas • 1 hour follow-up session to answer questions, provide further guidance • 1 hour closing session, after which we should have a basic comprehensive model These are all online sessions. 

Publish Date: 04-05-20