Raised Access floors

Description: Originally for Data Centres and other utilities that employed intensive under-floor cabling, these systems are now widely used in more applications.

Publish Date: 11-05-20

Acoustic Wall Panels

Description: Sound travels in a straight line even though with many corners reverberations still subsist. Echoes or sound feedbacks are a nuisance, at the best of times, if not at all times. We can quieten your space, whether it is a home cinema, auditorium, conference room or simply the traditional work place. Floating floors, floating walls, acoustic wall panels, underlays and all the like. 

Publish Date: 11-05-20

Pergolas and Shades

Description: A complete weather-proof product that exhibits optimum performance under the sun or rain. We supply and install and WPC Pergolas. The WPC Pergola material that we offer is in high demand by the customers due to its elegant look, perfect finish, easy installation and low maintenance cost. Mainly for villas, gardens, schools, restaurants, outdoor parks or hotel walkways. 

Publish Date: 11-05-20

WPC Decking

Description: We have second generation WPC Decking suitable outdoor applications.

Publish Date: 11-05-20

Special Audio

Description: Revolution Acoustic Speakers which convert many surfaces in audio speakers with complete ergonomic surround output Most sought after by Interior Designers and fit out companies.

Publish Date: 10-05-20