Sani Station - Portable Sanitizing Machine

Sani Station - Portable Sanitizing Machine

In today’s urban environment sanitizing is the need of the hour.

For every public and private environment, from malls to offices, schools to hotels, Sani-Station sanitizer and cleaner offers a simple and practical solution to maintain heightened personal sanitation under the current circumstances.

  • With an intuitive design, and equipped with universally understood pictograms, Sani-Station – hand sanitizer floor stand station is ideal for any urban environment.

  • The containment unit of the portable sanitizing machine is at a vertical angle to the user, and this minimizes any contamination from floating droplets.

  • The overall design of the sanitizing station is such that any box of face masks or gloves available in the market can be used to refill the containment units cleanly and safely.

  • This sanitizing station is a single stop solution for a contact-less distribution of face masks, gloves, and automatic hand sanitizer dispensers with a secure bin to discard used masks & gloves, now comes with a body temperature scanner and detects body temperature more than the norm.

  • The portable sanitizing machine comes with temperature verification capabilities, designed to help protect the health and safety of both customers and employees by preventing anyone with a temperature from entering a facility. Provision of alarms with sound for those with above the temperature threshold & without mask ensures optimum security.

  • Sani-Station, one of the best commercial hand sanitizer stations, can be customized in size, design and branding as per your specific requirements.

Ensuring hygiene for employees, patrons & visitors is a top priority for everyone. Our automatic touchless Sani-station, with hand sanitizer stations free-standing, is helping clients implement hygiene practices across their locations to keep everyone safe.

TP 040101, National Industries Park P O Box 120507, Dubai, UAE

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