Your Personal Style

Posted by Style Doctors on 14-04-20
Your Personal Style

Style Doctors is the leading fashion styling company in the UK and globally, and since 2004 has styled over 13,000 men and women.

Style Doctors offers the customer a Personal Styling service like no other. A world class service with a focus on customer satisfaction as its main objective and the tagline “Look good, feel great” at its core.

The company provides a unique Personal Styling service for individuals, companies and groups with packages suitable for any budget and requirement. The Personal Stylist Services are for women and men of all ages, shapes and sizes across the UAE.

With a client base ranging from the ages of 8 to 80 and clients from across the world, Style Doctors can offer a styling solution for anyone. Style Doctors is well-versed with working with clients from all walks of life.

Many, if not all of us will have no doubt faced the trauma of opening up their wardrobe only to find absolutely nothing to wear. What follows is normally an hour of self-hatred, despair, a few tears, succeeded then by a few batches of online shopping in an effort to a) self-soothe and b) add more variety to our wardrobe.

This (regular) cycle often results in stints of binge-buying clothes, shoes and accessories that can seriously make a dent on our wallets.

Thankfully, there are teams of women out there whose entire job is to help us feel better, dress better, and utilise our wardrobes better. These wardrobe fairies (or guardian angels, gifts from heaven, whichever fits best) come in various shapes and forms; personal stylists, personal shoppers, colour consultants, and make-up artists all exist to make our fashion lives easier.

The great news? Here in the UAE, you can find all of these at Style Doctors, an award-winning team with one of the longest and most established style consultancies in the UK, USA and UAE.

With plenty of online services to choose from, you can connect with an expert stylist and develop your personal style today!

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