Do you want to lose weight? Be healthy and building your immunity same time?

Posted by ketocanhelp on 21-04-20
Do you want to lose weight? Be healthy and building your immunity same time?

Offering free body chemistry assessment. 

Let me ask you?  Are you struggling to find a healthy routine during these difficult times?? Are you worried that having to stay in your home for weeks on end may be getting you further and further away from your goals?? ⁣

I see you and I WANT TO HELP YOU,

8 weeks to quit sugar, 8weeks to eat real foods ? 8 weeks to energise from within, 8 weeks to see you CAN!

I heard you..

You asked how to keep and if even possible lose weight while being indoors, with limited access to the gym equipment and fancy food.

Why not try going back to the basic of wholesome eating , one that gives you a taste of living nutritional Keto. You said that you tried and loved Keto but struggle a bit to stay motivated and just need that little extra help. You thought keto is a fad diet avoiding carbs (you are so so so very wrong missy) You mentioned you wanted guidance to go in the right direction as it can be confusing at first. You just wanted a learning program to see if you like it…

Well this bootcamp is for you:

*Receive the support you need with an easy 8 week meal plan and grocery lists

*Gain access to a private focus Facebook group for support and motivation

*Daily coaching about all things Keto through the group

Have your bio chemistry understood and macros calculated for greater success

and Learn the tools you need to stay on track post challenge

Did I mention a BONUS 3??:

48 page keto bible - don’t be confused by google anymore

Food List based on your individual bio chemistry

Let’s get cracking – First time offer of 4 weeks which can be extended to 8 available. Special discount of 15 percent. Message me to Learn more now with a Licensed business and certified nutritional coach.

Here are some of my clients progress at different stages - if right now hard time why not just follow for inspiration ??

Next group starts 5th May



One to one consultations available too.  

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