Brand your business - it's time

Posted by Louis Jonathan Charles Botha on 14-04-20
Brand your business - it's time

You know the feeling.

Running a business means focusing on your clients or customers and forgetting that, in your own way, you're your own customer. Your organisation has always wanted to do a deep dive into who you are and who your best customers would be - but who has the time? With all the busy-work of busy-ness, how do you find the time to think, strategise and mould your organisation into a brand? Because if you don't have a strong brand, you're just another face in the crowd.

Branding isn't your logo. It's not your business card. Your organisation is much more; the people, the way you do things, what you believe about yourself. What others believe about you.

Building a brand starts off with discovering the truth. A strong brand resonates so truthfully with its messaging that it's hard to ignore and impossible to miss. It means showing your face when others are wearing a mask. It means connection with people who buy you before they buy your business. LJCB will bring cohesion and strategy to your brand - the thing that you've always felt is missing but couldn't put your finger on.

We offer full-spectrum brand consultancy; discovery and strategy all the way through to creative development and execution. We give you everything you need to unleash your identity on the world and become unforgettable - and being unforgettable means being indispensable.

For more information, send us an email and we'll offer you a free consultation and introduction to who we are and how we can help you.

Here's to you and your new brand. Let's make great things happen.

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