UVLicht Sterilizer and Wireless Charger

Posted by UVLicht Sterilizer on 07-05-20
UVLicht Sterilizer and Wireless Charger

Stay healthy, stay clean!

The UVLicht Sterilizer aims to bring the hospital-grade disinfection technology for disinfecting healthcare facilities to home use. We aim to provide the best and safest disinfection device for everyday use, specially designed to be safe even for the people with no extensive medical background.

Sanitize your smartphone, reusable masks, keys, watches, earphones, wallets, make-up tools or baby toys in minutes!

Check out www.theuvlicht.com to learn more.

✅ UVC-LED light to destroy DNA and RNA of bacteria for powerful disinfection within 15 minutes

✅ Lamp life is up to 10,000 hours, 15 minutes each time, and can be used 40,000 times

✅ 360-degree spectacular reflection technology for reliable disinfection of objects from all sides sterilizing items without dead angle irradiation

✅ Intelligent human body sensing that will automatically turn-off UVC-light disinfection process when opening the cover to protect you from unprotected exposure to UV light

✅ Environment friendly device that does not contain mercury and does not release ozone

✅ 10W Qi high power wireless fast charging technology with uniform bottom hollow heat dissipation that does not makes it impossible to overheat.

Package Contents
1 x Disinfection Box,
1 x Type-C Cable,
1 x Manual

Does UV light kill germs? Getting an at-home sanitizer may be worth it! Read it from the insider.com!

Dubai, UAE

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