Worrying about people problems? Book a FREE consultation with A HR and People Leader

Posted by ReformHR on 12-04-20
Worrying about people problems? Book a FREE consultation with A HR and People Leader

Hey There,

We hope that you, your family and friends are safe and well.

As the effects of the coronavirus outbreak are felt more acutely across the globe, we want you to know that we are here to listen and continually support you during this time with any of your HR and business needs or requirements.. 

Don't sit worrying about your people problems, or legalities around un-paid leave / reduction of salaries etc..  book a free consultation with Sal and she will guide you through at no cost. 

For a minimal fee we are also offering the following:

 HR health check and audit
 HR Templates and Forms - including addendums to contracts
 60 mins of FREE weekly virtual sessions for employees and business owners (so far we have ran, leadership in times of crisis, change management, looking after your health and well-being and have planned many more over the coming weeks)  

For more comprehensive services we are offering a 50% reduction of either a one-off HR project (including restructuring, organisational structure design redundancy, benchmark of salaries etc..) , on-going HR Consultancy support including designing and running engagement activities to boost morale & engagement and executive coaching to help you drive past the unforeseen circumstances and turn your business around.
Let us help develop the best version of you, your team or your business  now and after the crisis for a period of one year!

Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

Further, we're proud to say Reform HR, in partnership with 'Help them Smile' is supporting families and individuals who have either lost their jobs or on unpaid leave with food packs. We will contribute a further 10% of monthly invoiced fees for all new clients who register with us. Should you know anyone in need please put them in touch.

Our guarantee... we remain committed to being there for you and your business no matter what.

#letsstandtogether #supporteachother #wewillcomeoutstrongertogether

Best Wishes to you and your loved ones...
Reform HR

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