Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Posted by TalenTek on 12-04-20
Coaching for Entrepreneurs

Refuse to let Covid19 slow you down! 

I have started several businesses with successful exits. I also coached several entrepreneurs to start and scale successfully.

Let me help you too. I follow a structured and proven approach to guide you and support you.

I can help you if you are:

  • Busy with a new startup

  • Started already but need help to set up successfully

  • Already have a proven business but need help to scale and prepare for investment and/or exit

My normal rates are AED850 per hour, but I am offering a high-value package offering 10 sessions of 90 minutes each for AED7500. That is 15 hours at AED500 per hour.

Let's set up a first exploratory call, completely free and no obligations.

Money-back guarantee: 
If after the second session you don't feel you are getting value for your investment, simply tell me and I will refund 100%.

References are available on request.

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