Virtuzone launches Stand Together, the free online marketplace to support the UAE’s SMEs

Stand Together UAE seeks to help any UAE-based businesses raise immediate revenue

Stand Together UAE seeks to help any UAE-based businesses raise immediate revenue, maintain its orderbook and thus keep supporting its workforce. Long term it will provide free leads, and through collective data mining, leverage synergies within the SME community. The free marketplace will provide unique offers to the consumer from a range of businesses from accounting and apparel, to construction, entertainment, legal advice, website development and digital demand generation. To register their offers free of charge, SME’s need only provide a valid UAE trade licence number.

Speaking of the launch, Geoff Rapp, Co-Founder of Virtuzone, said: At Virtuzone, we set up and renew hundreds of businesses every month, so when we started to see the negative impact of coronavirus on our customers, we really wanted to find ways to support them in every way possible. Initially, it was through reduced prices on our services, but we felt there were other ways we could support too. That’s when we came up with the idea of Stand Together UAE.

Virtuzone Chairman and Co-Founder, Neil Petch, added: Stand Together UAE echoes the words of Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, imploring the UAE to stand together. The government has announced a tremendous raft of support plans for SME’s, so we wish to add to the likes of mortage and credit card holidays, which buy invaluable time, by allowing immediate incremental revenue generation. It is this public private partnership which will get the UAE through this and allow our country to come out positioned as global leaders in providing a supportive ecosystem to all startups, who after all fuel the green shoots of all economic recoveries.

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