Wholesale Aluminum LED Extruded Heat Sink

Posted by Ae29vim on 17-06-21
Wholesale Aluminum LED Extruded Heat Sink

Our Factory
We have a capacity of 5000 tons of extrusion production, automatic powder coating, anodic oxidation groove, modern polishing, brush and sand blasting.
We focus ou manufacturing industrial aluminum profiles and high-end custom aluminum profile accessories. Our aluminum profiles have a wide range of applications, such as windows, doors, curtain walls, building materials, lighting, complicated shapes, radiators, assembly line, conveyor, auto parts, electronic, motor housing and many more.
From initial design, material selection, mold production, extrusion, deep processing, packaging and shipping, we are here for the complete run.
Our Product
1.Aluminum profile 2.Heat sink 3.Sunroom 4.Aluminium windows and doors 5.Aluminum enclosure
Our CertificateWholesale Aluminum LED Extruded Heat Sink

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