Customized BBQ Heating Element

Posted by padungda on 17-06-21
Customized BBQ Heating Element

BBQ oven heating elements Stainless steel toster oven heating elements grill heizelemente 
Electrical heating tube for oven specifications
Specification Detail Remark
Product Name Oven electrical heating element
Size Product length: 39cm Height:43.8cm
Insulation resistance 鈮?0M惟
Leak current 鈮?.05mA(cold condition) 鈮?.75 mA (hot condition)
Tube Material SUS304 /840/310S Tube material can be customized
Voltage/wattage 220V-240V/IN 1100W,OU 850W Voltage/Wattage can be customized as required,and Wattage tolerance(our best):+4%-8%
Tube Diameter 6.5mm,6.6mm,8mm Tube diameter can be changed to 6.5mm,6.6mm,8mm or others as requested
Resistance powder Magnesium oxide We can use other powder if requested
Wire Spec. 0.3,0.32,0.4,0.48鈥? Heating wire specification can be customized according to the requirement
Thermal fuse Iron chromium Material of thermal fuse can be nickel chromium wire if requested
Feature 1. Superior internal electrical insulation and heat conductivity
2. Durable and low cost
3. Easy to replace thus eliminating long shut-down periods
4. Configurable to virtually any shape
5. Excellent corrosion resistance
6. Easy installation
Application Embedded Oven
Customized Service
路 Please show us following important points when you need custom service:
路 Used voltage(V), wattage(W) and frequency(Hz) .
路 Quantity , shape and size(tube diameter, length,thread,etc)
路 Heating tube material( Copper/Stainless steel).
路 Do you need the flange and thermostat, what's the size.
路 If you have drawing or product picture,or sample in hands,will be much better and helpful for exact price calculation.
What Not to Do When Oven Starts Sparking
When our oven starts sparking, you need to make sure that you avoid the following things:
Try and Put Out the Spark or Flame While Oven is Still On
As already mentioned, make sure that you switch the stove off right at the mains before dealing with the flame or touch the oven.
Switching off the mains before putting out the spark kills it at source. The electricity is what鈥檚 feeding the spark and when you cut that out completely, you cut off the spark.
The problem is that a lot of people panic when they find themselves in this situation and end up using dangerous means to put it out which takes us to our next point.
Put out the Fire or Spark With Water
Never, ever try and put out an electric fire with water. This is really dangerous and could lead to a worse fire or possible electric shock.
Water is also a conductor of electricity and will help spread the fire onto other flammable material in the room and compounding the situation. If, however, a full on fire has started, you will need to put it out in the safest way possible.
When this happens, you need to put the fire out with a fire extinguisher. Not all fire extinguishers are created equal though.
There are different classes of extinguishers and you need to make sure that you have the right one at hand before the need arises.
Class A extinguishers are used to put out fire on plastics, paper and wood. Class B fire extinguishers are used for burning liquids like oil or gasoline.
Type C extinguishers are used for putting our electric fires. There鈥檚 also a fourth class of extinguishers marked A, B and C.
These types of extinguishers can put out all types of fires.
In the kitchen environment, you will be dealing with different types of fires so the fourth class of extinguisher (A,B and C) is recommended. Some fire extinguishers will be written K and these will work as well.
Pull on the Heating Element While Switched On
This is another, no-no. You run the risk of burning your hand and also getting electrocuted. Switch off the oven at the mains first.
Other Ways of Putting Out an Oven Fire
If you don鈥檛 have a fire extinguisher handy, what are some things that you can do to stop an oven fire? Simply closing the oven door will deprive the fire of oxygen and kill it if it hasn鈥檛 become too big to do so.
Another thing you can do is throw baking soda on the fire. This will kill it. Always remember to do this in conjunction with switching off the electrical mains.
Conclusion on oven heating element sparking
So, you now know the reason why your oven is sparking and I have given you a number of ways to remedy this. Make sure that you take the utmost care when dealing with any form of electrical fault to protect yourself as well as those in close proximity to you. Getting a A,B,C type fire extinguisher is essential for your kitchen. You should always be prepared because you never know when you鈥檒l need it. Customized BBQ Heating Element

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